Wednesday 17 June 2009

Day 4 - Digging Deeper

Today we found what is almost certainly the emplacement for the anti aircraft gun that we knew was stationed on Shooters Hill during World War 1.

In addition to a large and well built concrete base we have found the iron ring which acted as a mounting for the gun still in situ.

Lines of such guns, in conjunction with searchlights, were used to defend London against raids from Zeppelin airships and Gotha aeroplane bombers.

The guns rarely hit anything, but they were good for civilian morale and they had the effect of causing Zeppelins to hover over the edge of London where they might be intercepeted by aircraft from 39 Squadron, who were known as the Zeppelin Killers.

In another trench we seem to have found a temporary military latrine subsequently resused as a rubbish pit, containing an interesting collection of debris from the First or Second World Wwar, including batteries likely to have been used to power a field telephone.

Members of the public frequently pass by and stop to ask about what we are doing, and we are happy to explain and show them some of the digging in progress and the finds we are making. There wil also be an Open Day on the site on Saturday June 20th, when team members togerher with the Friends of Eaglesfield Park will be available to continue to do this and encourage others to become aware of and involved in theis community based project.

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