Sunday, 14 June 2009

Day 2 - Preparation continues

Andy Brockmann gave the DDA students a walk round tour of the main site features at Eaglesfield this morning, explaining the rational for siting of the trenches on the basis of Aerial Photographs, maps and geophysics.

Meanwhile the team continued to begin the opening of the trenches previously marked out by staff from Archaeophysica. GWAG team members also joined by Bexley Archaeological Group including Chairman Martin Baker mucked in wholeheartedly. We look forward to together with more members of their group joining us again next weekend.

During the afternoon Neil Faulkner gave an al fresco talk to the students on the First Blitz Project, which, together with Andy Brockman's earlier work on Shooters Hill, has given rise to the Digging Dad's Army Project now underway.

The First Blitz Project looked at the archaeology of German air raids and British Air defences in the First World War, mainly on the North East Edge of London.

Subsequently the students visited the nearby Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum, based in the historic Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, the birthplace of the Royal Artillery which was founded there in 1716. Firepower tells the story of the men and women - more than 2 million of them - who have served as Gunners in the Royal Regiment of Artillery since it was founded.

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