Friday, 4 June 2010

"Teddington Lock in Wartime"

Research to reveal effect of enemy action on strategic Thames lock

As part of the Thames Discovery Programme’s “Thames at War” project I am researching the history and effects of bombing raids (including V1 and V2 rockets) directly on the River Thames upstream of the LCC area – particularly around Teddington Lock.

Teddington Lock is the highest point the tidal Thames reaches so the effect downstream of its breach or destruction would have been sizeable. There is no direct evidence that the lock itself was specifically targeted - unlike raids directed at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington - as it is believed that reports of attempts on this target would have been suppressed by the government.

Appeal for evidence

To aid my research I would welcome anyone who has (or knows someone who has) memories or information about when the raids were, what damage was done, what damage (or repairs) are still visible and what was the impact on and reactio of the local population getting in touch with me at



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  1. i have often wondered if the group of large craters next to teddington lock were the result of bombing raids during the war but i can find no info about this.